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Top Cherry Blossom Destinations around New Jersey

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Cherry Blossom time marks the beginning of spring season in USA.
The roads and parks are filled with bright and colorful trees of white, pink and multicolored flowers.
Natural beauty is at its peak, sweetness is in the air, days are longer and there is a feeling of freshness all around.

Personally, this is also my favorite time as the day light remains for a longer time and we don’t have to step into the dark after office. The birds start chirping and playgrounds are filled with children.
There is a sense of new beginning and great times everywhere.

Though, the current situation is quite opposite because of the global pandemic, which has brought the world on its knees and locked up inside our homes. These are challenging and tough times, but it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the beauty of Cherry Blossom, virtually.
So here I bring to you, the top Cherry Blossom destinations around New Jersey that you can definitely visit next year:

1. Washington, D.C.
Washington D.C. is the top destination in USA to witness blooming Cherry Blossom trees.
In 1912 the mayor of Tokyo gifted around 3,000 tress to the district as the symbol of Japanese American Friendship and from then the place is blooming with Cherry Blossom flowers.

There are lot of places in Washington D.C. to view/capture the blossoms, but the best views are around the Tidal Basin reservoir. The peak bloom time normally starts at the end of March and start of April.

The Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival is the most famous in USA, so you should definitely visit it once in your lifetime.

2. Branch Brook Park, NJ
Branch Brook Park in New Jersey is home to nearly 4000 cherry blossom trees, the highest at any place in USA. Having the largest collection of blossom trees, set this place as a favorite among the visitors.

The park hosts 3 week long Cherry Blossom Festival which starts in April. It gets really frustrating and difficult to get a parking spot during the festival period, hence plan your visit accordingly.

3. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY
The springtime in New York city starts with a visit to Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There are around 200 cherry blossom trees here which are at peak bloom from mid-March to late April. Brooklyn Botanical Garden also puts on Sakura Matsuri, an annual celebration of Japanese culture through music, dance and food.

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4. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Philadelphia is one of the most beautiful places during the springtime. Thousands of cherry tress across the city come into full blossom which is a mesmerizing site. The main attraction among all is Fairmount Park. This park has a forest of Sakura trees (a specific type of flowering Japanese Cherry tree) which were planted in 1926, as a gift from people of Japan.

The park’s Cherry Blossom Festival comprises of sushi making classes, performances and 5k/10k races.

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5. Charles River Esplanade, Boston
The Charles River Esplanade stretches for miles along the Boston coast and gets really stunning during the springtime. The cherry tress burst into bloom right over the water and you can rent a boat to enjoy the beautiful view and feel the petals.

The cherry trees are also famous for their fragrance, providing the visitors a pleasant aroma while strolling around the river.

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