Saturday, July 11, 2020

Hidden Gems of PA - Tank Hollow Vista

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I had seen people putting pics of this hike on one of the FB groups related to hiking, and that is when I made my mind to visit this hidden GEM of Pennsylvania.
It is a hidden gem because of two things, first it is not easy to find and second because it is not officially a marked hike.

It was a sunny day and I and my wife decided to try our luck.
We followed the directions from one of the blog that we have read online, and it helped us to find the State Game Lands first gate. The gate was closed, hence we parked the car there and started our hike.
The trailhead was still ahead and we were really excited to find it. The road ahead was in good shape and also had some beautiful wildflowers, so we really enjoyed following it.

We met few groups on our way ahead which couldn’t find the trailhead, and were still confused whether to give up and go back or still keep on the search going.
We were a bit nervous, but my wife had a keen eye. She recognized two quite obvious trails one on the left and other on the right, and remembered that in one of the blog it was mentioned to take the right one for the Tank Hollow Vista. So, we took the right one.

It was a leveled trail with no elevation at all. Quite easy for any level of hiking skill.
As we moved ahead on the trail, the forest became more beautiful with pine and rhododendron.
The trail was wide in the starting but narrowed down as we moved towards the Vista.

After a little over a mile hike, we were welcomed by the stunning view of the vista.

The vista looked down onto a bend in the Leigh River with mountains around. I could hear and also see the rapids.

We sat there for sometime to take in the beauty of the scenic view. After half hour, we headed back to the same route from where we came.

It am pretty sure the sunset would be amazing here. Definitely a GEM of a place and highly recommended to everyone who loves hiking.

More Details:

Parking -
Park your vehicle at State Game Lands # 141, PA which is along the Behrens Road in Jim Thorpe, PA.
If the lot one gate of  is open, you can take the car inside and park it in the next parking space which spans to both left and right side of the road.

Difficult Level -

Best Time to go -
From Spring to Fall, any day should be good.

Thins to carry -
1. Map of the trail as it is a bit difficult to find the trailhead
2. Hiking boots
3. Water
4. Food and Snacks
5. Mask
6. Gloves
8. First Aid kit and sunscreen

Distance -
It is 3.5 miles round trip in case the first lot gate is not open, otherwise it is just 2.5 miles round trip.

Time -
If you find the trailhead in the first place, it should take you 3 hours max, assuming you will spend half hour at the vista point.

Activities -
There are only two activities to do here – hiking and hunting.

Fees -
No Entry fee

Website -
No official website

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