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10 ways to earn money online during Coronavirus Lockdown

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We are in a middle of a global pandemic, and everyone is trying to be safe and survive during this tough times. Government, doctors, police, army and health workers are at the frontline trying their best to contain it, and our role here is to be at home, maintain social distancing when it is utmost necessity to go out and help the needy ones in whatever way we can.

While we are playing our part, being at home sucks and it gets really boring doing nothing.
There are lot of things to pass your time, I have mentioned top 10 of them in my previous blogpost.

While watching movies, series, making tiktok videos and playing games really help to pass our time, but it is not much productive.
One of the ways to really make use of this time is to learn a new skill and get yourself ready for the corporate world when everything sorts out. While that is there, it also feels good to earn some extra bucks or coupons online during the leisure time, when instead you will be browsing internet or passing time on social media platforms.

This is also good for the hourly/part timers, who are losing money due to Coronavirus impact.

So as promised, here are 10 different ways to earn money/freebies or coupons online.
I have listed most of those sites that I had already tried and tested, or heard from friends that they are good.

1. Online Surveys
There are lot of websites that pay for taking online surveys. The amount per survey ranges from
    few cents to few hundred dollars too.
    Few of the popular ones are InboxDollars, SavvySurvey, Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost,
    Pinecone Research, Inspired Opinions, Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie.

    Focus Pointe Global is a great platform to earn a good amount for taking online research studies.

    SheSpeaks gives out Amazon/Walmart gift cards for taking online surveys for them.

2. Answer questions online
There are lot of platforms which pay money for answering questions online.
    To start with you need to have the right knowledge and some good writing/explaining skills.
    Also for few of them you must have a proper degree to show as a proof of your qualification.

    Just Answer is the most popular of the lot.
    There are others like – Wonder, Ether, Weegy and Answeree.

3. Grab gigs or perform micro tasks
Whether you are a Graphical Designer, Web designer, Logo Designer, Video Editor, App
    Developer, Writer, Proof Reader or even a Data Entry person, there are lot of online gigs available 
    to grab and make money.

    The amount you can earn varies from $10 to even $1000, depending on your skills and demand.
Fivver, Mechanical Turk, TaskRabbit and clickworker are some of the famous ones.

4. Earn cashback on your Online/In-store Purchases
Though we all earn some cashbacks on our purchases via Credit Cards, but what if we can earn
    some extra bucks on our In-Store, Online or App purchases.

    Ibotta is one such company which pays real money for all the above purchases. You just need to
    submit receipt as a proof of purchase and you are done. There is a threshold of $20 before you can
    start withdrawing your earnings.

    There are other platforms like Receipt Pal, Shopkick, Checkout 51 which work on similar concept.

5. Play and win
Who doesn’t like to scratch lotto tickets and win some extra cash? But how can you do that when
    you have to stay at home all day. It’s easy now. This app, Lucktastics, gives you tokens every time 
    you scratch a ticket and you can redeem the tokens for various gift cards like amazon, dunkin 
    donuts, Applebees etc. Isn’t it awesome?

    There are other apps as well where you can play and win, like RingSpin, Qriket etc.

6. Get Paid for searching the web
What can be better than getting paid for browsing the web, one of most easy activities that can put
    money into your pocket.

    There are three good platforms that give you gift cards and real money for searching the web,
    compare prices while shopping, precisely just doing what you usually do online.
    They are Swagbucks, Bing Rewards and Qmee.

7. Make money by reviewing softwares, apps and websites
There are websites which will pay you for reviewing softwares, apps and websites.
    One of such site is You need to pass a short test to be accepted.
    There is another site, which rewards in form of gift coupons of big stores like Walmart,
    Target, Amazon etc.

8. Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Revenue
This is for all those who have a blog or website, or are willing to start a new one.
    Once you have put up some great content and started getting views, you can apply for Google
    AdSense which pays well for getting clicks on the Google Ads that you have put on your website.

    There are affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon which pays good commission for all the sales
    that come through your website.

9. Sell your photos
If you are a photographer or just a person who loves to click, there are some great platforms that
    pay you good for selling your pics.
    Some of the best sites in this business are 500px Prime, Shutterstock, SmugMug Pro, Etsy.

10. Become a home tutor
During the quarantine time when students are at home, online tutoring jobs are the best thing to
      do.You can do it part time or full time, and the work hours are also flexible.
      Many tutoring jobs pay a good hourly wage, so they’re a great opportunity to make money online.
      Some of them require teaching experience, but others have pretty simple qualifications.

      The best online tutoring jobs are Chegg, VIPKID, Cambly, Qkids.
      You can earn anywhere from $15-$25 per hour.

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