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Grand Canyon - Natural Wonder of the World..!!

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Grand Canyon Overview
Grand Canyon or Grand Canyon National Park is the 15th oldest national park of United States. It was named UNESCO world heritage site in 1979.
Situated in Arizona, this magnificent steep sided canyon will blow your mind and make you say “WOW” at every instance you have a glance of it.

This enormous beauty is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and attains a depth of over a mile.
Grand Canyon is evolving from last 17 million years and will continue to evolve in the future too.

Grand Canyon Rims
There are basically 3 rims that are open to tourism.
1. West Rim
2. South Rim
3. North Rim

The most popular among them is the South Rim, followed by West Rim and in the end North Rim.
From Vegas, South Rim takes minimum 5 hours drive, North Rim is 4 and half hours away while West Rim approximately takes 2 hours.
As we were short of time so we decided to explore the West Rim of Grand Canyon.

Activities to do in Grand CanyonApart from sightseeing, the other popular activities include rafting in Colorado River, hiking and helicopter tours.

Tourism in West RimWe drove all the way from Vegas to the Grand Canyon West entrance as no private vehicles are permitted past the entrance.

The Grand Canyon West Rim is open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily from October through March, and from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily from April through September. It is open every day of the year including all major holidays.
Best season to visit is late fall during spring.

Major points in West Rim include the following -:

1.  Grand Canyon Skywalk
Grand Canyon Skywalk is one of the major attractions in West Rim.
      It is a semi-circular transparent glass floor which extends 70 feet above the Canyon’s rim. It is 10
      feet wide and has 4-6 feet high glass wall at the edges.  It allows visitor to get a stunning view of 
       Canyon floor which is 4000 feet below.

      The only con of this attraction is personal cameras and mobile phones are not allowed on the
      Skywalk. Lockers are provided to the visitors and professional photographers are available to take
      your pictures which are available later for purchase. 

2. Eagle Point
Apart from the Skywalk, you can also get an incredible view of the Grand Canyon from the space
    available at the side of the Skywalk.
    So get your DSLRs ready because you won’t be able to resist yourself from clicking the amazingly
    big, deep and beautiful Grand Canyon.

3. Guano Point
Guano Point provides spectacular views of Grand Canyon, even more amazing than the Eagle
     point. Highpoint Hike, an easy trail to the top provides awe-inspiring 360° panoramic views of the
     Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. 

     Believe me when I say this, “For a moment the world came to a stop, time seemed to freeze, my
     eyes were glued, agape, I was just feeling the awesomeness I have landed in, pure bliss and  
      pleasure were felt deep down.

4. Hualapai Ranch
Hualapai Ranch is home to Native American and cowboy demonstrations.
     Everything here is built in a way to give you a feel of the town where cowboys stay.
     You can play different games, learn how to rope, quick draw, shot like a cowboy and ride a horse
     along the rim.
     There is also an option to stay overnight in the cabins facing the canyon rim.

Tourist packages
There are different packages available for the visitors
1. A $50 package includes a visit to all the points except Skywalk.
2. Add extra $25 to the above package and you can get a pass to the Skywalk.
3. There are helicopter rides which are available from Vegas or from the West Rim Entrance.
    Normally the helicopter tours are $100+.
4. If you wish to stay overnight at the Hualapai Ranch cabins it will cost you an extra 100 bucks.
5. Along with the helicopter ride if you also wish to have a boat ride in the Colorado River, it will
    cost you approximately 200 bucks.
6. One day whitewater rafting in Colorado River is going to cost you somewhere around 400 bucks.
    All the packages include the hop on and off shuttle rides which take you to different points.

Here are couple of videos of the Grand Canyon West Rim
Hope you like it :)

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