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Places to visit in New Jersey - Exchange Place

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So adding on the next chapter to his New Jersey travel diary after an amazing experience of Atlantic City, this time the Explorer was quite excited to capture the breathtaking view of the majestic skyline of Manhattan in his lens.
Yes, there is a place in Jersey City, NJ from where you can capture the stunning sight of the skyscrapers, which are standing there with an aura of pride.
The place is called “Exchange Place”.

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Exchange Place is a district of Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey which is home to a lot of financial companies as they have their office here. Situated at the foot of Montgomery Street at the Hudson River, it is easily accessible by PATH.
The main attraction of Exchange Place is the Waterfront from where you can have a panoramic view of the Manhattan Skyline.

This place is free of cost.
You can access the complete broadwalk without paying a single penny.

This place is accessible through bus, train and ferries, but the most preferred option is train as you have the PATH station right in front. Take the red or green PATH train from the WTC for just $2.75. It's so worth it for just one stop away.

There are a lot of food trucks around where you can get plenty of wide options to choose from.
Also Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are nearby to grab your daily dose of coffee.
If you love Indian food, check out the plethora of restaurants situated at the Newark Ave which offer variety of delicious Indian dishes.
And for special occasions, Hyatt Regency located on the Hudson River is the best option.

Now it is time for some gyan from the Explorer Lens
1. There is no parking facility at the broadwalk but there are free parking spots on the roadside just a mile away.
2. The Broadway has benches where you can sit and have an amazing time with family, friends or someone special enjoying the view of the skyline. A surprise date can be on the cards here ;)
3. There is enough space for the photographers to place their tripods so get one when you plan a visit.

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