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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Make your Travel trips easy with EaseMytrip

ankit jain
Welcome, 2018!! Like everyone, we also have a lot of travel plans for the year 2018. After Atlantic city, the real Vegas needs a hi-fi from the new travel couple in the town; after Miami, its Los Angeles whose beautiful beaches await us; after Six flags, the Universal studios is calling us out to try its adventure ride. And above all, do you know what our dream trip is for this year? The Euro trip. At least to cover Paris, Venice, and Italy. And the bucket list goes on……!!!!!!!!
Sounds exciting..!! Right ?
But yesterday my wifey asked me something and I had no answer for.

She: “We have so many plans for the coming year, but have you given it a thought on how are we going to execute it with so many other responsibilities?”
I: “We will try to manage and plan it accordingly”
She: “And what about the finances? How will we manage that? Will we be able to materialize it along with our so many other expenses?”
I: “Weeeeellll…………..”.

I had no answer for it. So I started searching for the one. And while looking into the digital world of solution for my answers, I came across this one-stop solution for all my questions. It was “Easemytrip” website and App. And here is what I analyzed after going through it thoroughly.

Q 1.) Will it plan the trip for you?
Ans: It is one platform for flights, hotels, cab and bus bookings with exciting deals and offers. So even if it doesn’t plan it for you, it will definitely suggest the best options for all the sectors.

Q 2.) Does it also help with your financial burden?
Ans: It provides great offers and deals in all the sections so that you can get the best of the lot at the most affordable price, making things pocket-friendly for you. So there are no tensions but all happiness and smiles.

Q 3.) Is it easy to use?
Ans: Making bookings and managing your itinerary is quite simple with easemytrip.com. Its UI is very user-friendly and easy to interact.

So I started planning my trips with EaseMytrip. And I came across this wonderful offer to start and plan for my trips in New Year.

“Welcome this new year with biggest travel sale.

Starting from 9th January.

Save Up to 3000/- on domestic flight tickets and Up to 20000/- on international flight tickets.

Save Up to 5000/- on hotel booking and get flat 10 percent instant discount on bus tickets.

Use Coupon Code - WELCOME2018

Get assured shopping vouchers worth 8000 from various brands.

Lucky winners will get a chance to win Europe trip, Honda Activa from droom and jabong vouchers.

Payment partners HDFC bank, Mobikwik and Amazon.

Download EaseMyTrip app now.”

Isn’t it great!
I am waiting for January 9th to book my trips for 2018, and you?? What are you waiting for?

Just think of where you want to go, log into EaseMytrip and execute your dream trips without any hassles. 

Friday, January 5, 2018

10 things to do in Atlantic City

ankit jain
Atlantic City also known as mini Vegas is one of the most happening places in New Jersey.
There are tons of amazing things to do in this resort city which was established way back in mid-1800s.

Though an old city, it has been revamped into one of the finest destination of entertainment.
Right from grand casinos, lavish hotels, beautiful beaches, action-packed games, live concerts and vibrant nightlife, this city has everything to offer.

So here are the 10 topmost things to do in this popular vacation destination -:

1. Atlantic City Boardwalk
    This is the best place to have a feel of the city. Just keep on strolling along the way and you will come
    across things you always wanted to visit or wanted to do. Shopping malls, luxury hotels, lovely
    beaches, nightclubs, the boardwalk has something for everyone.

2. Casinos
After boardwalk, the most happening place in Atlantic City is its casinos.
     Caesars, Resorts, Tropicana and Bally’s are on the top of the list but I personally loved Wild Wild West
     Casino the most. The hardest part is to decide which casino to visit the first.

3. Beach
I have rarely seen someone who doesn’t love beaches except in chilly winters.
    I personally love the sound of water and playing on the beach so for me and most of you I guess, this
    comes next on the list.

4. Steel Pier
Someone said that the true fun beings at an Amusement park and I totally agree with the saying.
    Steel Pier is one of the most popular attractions of Atlantic City. Extending over 1000 feet into Atlantic
    Ocean, the pier features a fun-filled amusement park which is home to some 25 rides.
    The best attraction of Steel Pier is the giant “Wheel” which is 200+ feet tall and has 40 gondolas.
    Each gondola can hold 6 passengers offering a breathtaking view of the ocean and city.

5. Absecon Lighthouse
Ever thought of visiting the tallest lighthouse in the world?
    Well, this is not the world’s tallest but is tall enough to give you a splendid view of the city and ocean.
    Standing at 171 feet, the Absecon Lighthouse is New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse and a great place to be
    at. So if you are planning to get a sunrise or sunset shot, be here.

Credit - here

6. Atlantic City Aquarium
The life beneath the water has always fascinated me and I am sure many of you might feel the same.
    The somersaulting dolphins, energetic sea lions, cruising sharks and what not, the list is endless.
    An aquarium is the best place to get close to these marine animals and Atlantic City Aquarium fulfills your
    wish. Over 100 varieties of aquatic life exist here and there are a lot of interactive exhibits, shows and
    feeding sessions held for the guests to watch and participate.  

Credit - Here

7. Shopping
The most liked word in this world, Shopping? Isn’t it?
    Who doesn’t want to be on a shopping spree and the streets of Atlantic City will make you crave for
    On one hand there are all big brands with crazy discounts and on other hand, there are shops selling
    each item for $1. So there is something for everyone.  

8. Live Concerts
Atlantic City is famous for hosting the hottest concerts, festivals and sporting events in New Jersey.
     Watching your favorite bands and artists perform live in front of you is like a dream come true.

9. Pipe Organ Tour
Are you a person who is interested in seeing the biggest, largest, and highest in the world?
     If yes, then this is definitely for you. Free tour of world’s largest pipe organ is something you should
     not miss. The tour is of one hour which starts with a 1/2 concert, followed by a 1/2 hour tour of the

Credit - Here

10. Nightclubs & Food
A place is known by its food and nightlife and when it is Atlantic City, the nights are going to be
      crazy and super awesome. With so many luxury hotels and electrifying nightclubs around, Atlantic
      City is definitely the place to have fun and party all night.
      On the food front, there are a lot of quality restaurants in the city to satisfy your hunger and make
      your tummy happy.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

US Diary - Winter Calling

ankit jain
So we were back in New Jersey, the USA after marriage and the month was December.
As we were in North part of USA the winter was in full flow and everyone advised us to be prepared for the chilling cold.

Though winter brings in shivering and layer of clothes, it is also that part of the year when we get to see the white covering of snow, the festival mood is on and the streets are flooded in lights in most part of the city, normal for people who are living here from ages but magical for the ones who experience it for the first time.

So we were excited to witness the Christmas and New Year’s celebration, play in the snow and enjoy the winter sports.

One of the major advantages of living in New Jersey is having one of the most happening cities in the world – New York in the vicinity.
So our winter sightseeing started with the exploring the lanes of New York city.

Here is a photo-tour of the same.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, one of the most popular proverbs of all time holds true in winter too. So to indulge in some adventure and fun activities we decided to try few of the winter sports.
Skiing and Skating were at the top of my list but both of them require a decent practice to even start with so we decided to go for Snow Tubing.
Check out our experience in the below photo tour -:

In the next article, we will bring the glimpse of Christmas celebrations from the most happening city of the world – New York. So keep checking this space for more amazing travel experiences..!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari Park : New Jersey

ankit jain

Six Flags is considered among the top theme parks in the USA.
It has everything right from thrill, adventure, world-class rides to superb shows.

                                                                    Credit - Here

Recently I visited Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari Park in New Jersey and here are the top 10 things that you should definitely try when you visit this place -:

1. Kingda Ka
    You would have never seen such a ride in your life. This rollercoaster is the world's tallest
    coaster and the experience after sitting in this ride is for a lifetime.
    This upside-down U-shaped track bolts up 45 stories in the sky—that’s 456 feet high!
    Isn't that thrilling? Also, it attains a speed of  128 m/h in an unbelievable time of 3.5 seconds.
    The first ride to get yourself in.

2. Dare Devil Dive
Though this experience is not included in your regular pass and you have to shell out few bucks for
    it but that's actually worth it. After trying a variety of roller coaster when you are looking for
    something new to put your hands on, this is the thrill that is gonna give you the perfect experience.
    So get ready to experience the thrill of skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee jumping all rolled into
    one. Definitely, a must do.

3. Six Flags Animal Safari
If you are tired of getting upside down in different roller coaster, this is the perfect way to relax
    and set the mood for rest of the day. The safari off-road adventure is an amazing experience where
    you get to see over 1,200 animals in a 350-acre land. Feeding of animals is also allowed.
    Definitely, a must have experience.

4. Unleashed!
Head over to the Showcase Theater to witness one of the most amazing shows of your lifetime.
   I was stunned after watching such astonishing feats of acrobatic artistry and energizing dance
   stylings, definitely an experience which will leave you on the edge of the seat always wanting
   for more.

5. Joker
Have you tried a freestyle roller coaster in your life, if not this one is definitely for you?
    This unique roller coaster flips you head-over-heels providing you the feeling of weightlessnes.
    For sure a must try for all thrill lovers.

6. Superman: Ultimate Flight
Another unique and awesome roller coaster to try is the Superman ride.
   As the name suggests this ride provides you the thrill to see the world through the eyes of a
   superman. Face down and head first you travel at supersonic speeds in this 106 foot tall ride.
   Adventure, thrill and an experience of life guaranteed.

7. Nitro
Another unique ride of the park is Nitro. Also, it is the longest ride in terms of time and length.
   With a staggering length of around 5300 feet it takes around 3 minutes to cover the entire path
    of the ride. With a lot of loops, twists, turns and a thrilling 215 feet drop, this one is definitely a 
    complete adrenaline package.

8. JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis
So after a lot of twists and turns finally when you decide to relax, this is the perfect ride to try.
   This 4D ride is real fun. Armed with laser guns you are made to sit in a twisting 6 passenger 
   vehicle which takes you through a series of incredible scenes around the city of Metropolis.
   The animatronic characters, 3D animated images, and 4D experiences like fire and fog are truly

9. Skyway
    The best way to get a bird's eye view of the entire park is by traveling in this cable car.
    From 104 feet in the air, you can have a breathtaking view of the entire park by relaxing
    comfortably in this ride.

10. El Toro/ Green Lantern/  Batman      I can't fill the 10th position with just one ride as there are 3 options equally deserving the place.
      All the above 3 rides compete equally on the ground of thrill, adventure and experience.
      But if I am lagging on time and have to choose one of them, I will go for the wooden roller
      coaster - El Toro. This is rated among the top wooden roller coasters in the world and has 
      everything a roller coaster lover would crave for.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Best Airlines to Travel to USA from India - A Comparison

ankit jain

The USA is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and once in your lifetime, you would want to visit this place for sure.
I stay in India and have traveled multiple times to the USA for work. There are a lot of airlines that promise to provide the most comfortable in-flight experience during your travel from the USA to India and vice versa.

I have traveled with 4 airlines in the economy class and here are some tips and suggestions which might help you choose the best from the lot.
The airlines that will be compared are as below -:
1. Etihad Airlines
2. Emirates Airlines
3. Air India
4. Turkish Airlines

We will be comparing the airlines on below parameters -:
1. Entertainment
2. Food
3. Seating Comfort
4. Staff
5. Time
6. Money


1. Entertainment
The in-flight Entertainment system has all the options that are provided in the world-class Airlines.
     GUI is classy and the navigation is easy. Few options are available for Bollywood movies.
     Hindi subtitles are not available.
     Rating – 4/5

2. Food
     Best Airline in terms of food. There is so much to eat that you would exhaust eating, but your taste
     buds would definitely thank you for the awesome treat. The taste and options are appreciable even
     in Veg.
     Rating – 4/5

3. Seating Comfort
     The seats are comfortable and provide satisfactory leg space though not sufficient.
     Rating – 3/5

4. Staff
     The Staff is smart and amiable. They can speak about 8-9 different languages.
     Rating – 4/5

5. Time
     Normally it takes around 21-22 hours to cover the entire distance which is bearable with one stop
     in Abu Dhabi. And the best part is the time at JFK airport gets saved as the immigration happens
    in Abu Dhabi itself.
    So an extra bonus point for that. Rating – 4/5

6. Money
Though it is not amongst the cheapest options available also is not a bomb on your pocket
.    You can get a roundtrip under $900 if booked a couple of months prior to the trip.
     Rating – 3.5/5


1. Entertainment
The in-flight Entertainment system is the best among all the airlines.
     GUI is classy and the navigation is easy. A good number of options are available for Bollywood
     movies. Not quite sure of the Hindi subtitles.
     Rating – 4.5/5

2. Food
     Though not the best airline in terms of food but your tummy is satisfied with the offerings.
     The taste and options are satisfactory even for Veg.
     Rating – 3.5/5

3. Seating Comfort
     The seats are comfortable and provide good amount of leg space but still not sufficient.
     Rating – 3.5/5

4. Staff
     The Staff is the best among all the airlines. They can speak about 12 different languages.
     Really wow..!!
     Rating – 4.5/5

5. Time
     Normally it takes around 21-22 hours to cover the entire distance which is bearable with one stop
     in Dubai. Though there is not immigration clearance facility at Dubai making it 24+ hours
     including the immigration wait time.
     So it gets the lowest rating among all. Rating – 3/5

6. Money
Though normally this flight is reasonable but sometimes the fare can climb the ladder so it is
      wise to book your seats a good 2-3 months before.
     Rating – 3.5/5

Air India

1. Entertainment
The in-flight Entertainment system stands at the last position among all the airlines.
     GUI looks obsolete and the touch is not impressive. Navigation is ok. Hindi subtitles are available
     Rating – 3/5

2. Food
     So if you are an Indian you will love the food served on this flight. As it takes the least amount
     of time among all the airlines, the options are comparatively less but sufficient.
     Rating – 4/5

3. Seating Comfort
     The seats are comfortable and provide sufficient amount of leg space. I will rank it the best in this
     Rating – 4/5

4. Staff
     In this category the airline ranks the lowest among all. The staff is elderly, especially the
     stewardesses, who sometimes gets rude while handling the young guns.
     Rating – 3/5

5. Time
     You can save a lot of time here as it takes the least amount of time and is a non-stop flight.
     Normally it takes around 15-16 hours. Definitely gets the highest ranking here. Rating – 4.5/5

6. Money
You need to shell some extra bucks for booking this flight though you can get lucky sometimes.
     Rating – 3/5

Turkish Airlines

1. Entertainment
     The in-flight Entertainment system stands parallel to what the best airlines in the world offers.
     GUI looks elegant and navigation is smooth. Headphones are chic and stylish, the best in the
     business. Hindi subtitles are not available nor Bollywood movies.

     Rating – 4/5

2. Food
     So if you are looking for good food, this flight is not for you as 50% of their dishes comprises of
     mashed potatoes. It also lacks in variety and taste.
     Definitely the lowest rating among all. Rating – 3/5

3. Seating Comfort
     The seats are comfortable and provide ample amount of leg space though not sufficient.
     Rating – 3/5

4. Staff
     The staff is smart and amiable. They speak only 4-5 languages which is something they need to
     work upon.
     Rating – 3.5/5

5. Time
     It takes the least amount of time after Air India so definitely a good choice when you are bidding
     on time as the factor. Rating – 4/5

6. Money
It is mostly the cheapest flight among all so best for your budget.
     Rating – 4/5

Transit Visa is not required for the layover country in any of the airlines.

Here is a comparative matrix in terms of rating -:

Seating Comfort
Air India

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Exploring Wildlife @ Yorks Wild Kingdom

ankit jain
The Yorks Wild Kingdom is one of the main attractions in southern Maine and falls in the way on the return journey from Acadia National Park to New York.
It is home to wide varieties of wildlife, the stuff is helpful and guides you amiably during the animal feeding sessions. The food is also priced better as compared to other parks.

Here is a Photowalk of the Kingdom.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

10 Things to do in Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor

ankit jain

Two of the most visited places on East Coast; Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor are photo heavens for every tourist that comes here.
Majestic Coastlines, Beautiful Islands, Magnificent Mountains, Isolated Beaches, Lip Smacking Food and Breathtaking views, the combo of Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor has it all.

Recently I visited these places with my friends and here are the top 10 things to do in and around the duo -:

1. Cadillac Mountain
Standing tall at 1,530 feet, this mountain is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and the first place to view sunrise in the complete USA from Oct 7 to Mar 6.
You can hike your way to the top of the mountain but it is preferable to get there by road.
Some of the most amazing and breathtaking views await your arrival at the top.
Big Cruises, numerous beautiful islands, marine life and lush green forests, watching all this from the highest point is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

2. Acadia Nature Cruise
It takes the first position in the things to do in Bar Harbor.
Cruise your way in a boat or yacht across the endless ocean witnessing a spectacular view of beautiful islands and the charming marine life on the way.
Mostly two boat tours are famous. The first one is of 2 hours which takes you around all the islands letting you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of coastal Maine.
The other one is a whale watching tour of around 4 hours where you are taken to the Gulf of Maine to witness the largest animals on the earth, Humpback, Finback and Minke whales.
You can choose any of the tours according to your time availability but definitely a must to do activity.

3. Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.
It has a lot of scenic views around and the best way to explore them is to take the Eagle Lake Trail.
It is a 6-mile loop trail on a well-forested path which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

4. Thunder Hole
Thunder Hole as the name suggests is a place to experience the thunder of the sea.
Located in Acadia National Park it is a natural rock inlet where waves make a loud sound while rolling in and during the way out water splashing out of the inlet to great heights. It mostly happens during the time of high tides.
Also from the rocks around, you get to see some breathtaking views of the endless sea.

5. Portland Head Light
This 200 years old lighthouse known as the Portland Head Light is the most photographed lighthouse in America. This iconic lighthouse located around 180 miles from Bar Harbor is a must visit place to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea. Huge waves crashing into the rocks, Gigantic cruises sailing across and blue water all around is indeed the best your eyes can get.

6. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Located around 120 miles from Bar Harbor lies the bed of natural beauty, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor. This premier tourist attraction is home to more than 200 varieties of flora. So if you are looking for vibrant colors, a wide range of beautiful flowers and lush greenery, this is the perfect destination.

7. Sand Beach
Don’t go by the name considering it as just some other beach as it has much more to it.
Nestled in a small inlet between the mountains and rocky shores of Mount Desert Island, this stunning 290 yards of beach is a treat for the tourists. I couldn’t visit this beauty but saw it on my cruise tour. Definitely, a must visit for all the beach lovers.

8. Ocean Trail
Though there are a lot of amazing trails in Acadia National Park this one is at the top of the list. Ocean Trail begins at Sand Beach, and then meanders southward along the rocky coast to Thunder Hole, then continues further until it arrives at Otter Cliff. There are numerous excellent spots to stop and take in the fantastic sights around you. Overall it is a 4 mile round trip trail covering few of the best places to visit in Acadia National Park.

9. Hopping on some delicious seafood
Bar Harbor is famous for its seafood delicacies, lobster being the favorite of all.
Steamed lobster, lobster ice cream, blueberry soda and there are a lot more dishes to hop on and satisfy your seafood appetite. So all the seafood lovers head over to this place. 

10. Hiking & Trails
There are a lot of hiking trails in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor that will help you explore some of the best scenic views of the area. Most of the trails are interconnected and safe.
Some of the best trails include -:
a. Ocean Trail
b. Bar Harbor shore path
c. Gorham Mountain trail
d. Eagle Lake trail
e. Bar Island trail

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