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Top 10 things to do at home during Coronavirus Lockdown

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The present number of Coronavirus cases around the globe is around 300k and they are rising at an exponential rate. Governments across the world are taking all the preventive and precautionary measures to bring the numbers in control.

While governments are doing their part, it is us who have to play the main role to minimize/stop the spread of this highly contagious virus.

The first and most important step in this process is to stay at home and keep social distancing.
While we are following our duty of being a good and responsible citizen, the free spirit in us wants to enjoy life, go out partying, and explore the beautiful world around.
As that is not possible during the current scenario, we need to find ways to boost our spirits and keep a smile on our face, while staying at home.

Well you don’t have to worry, as in this post I will suggest you the
Top 10 things to do at home during the lockdown or curfew”, other than listening to music and watching movies/series

1. Revive your lost passion/hobby
This is time to work on your lost passions and hobbies, which you couldn’t focus on because of
    your crazy work schedule everyday.

    It can be anything from craft to photography, cooking to gardening, dancing to writing etc.
    The best part of a hobby is that it motivates and distresses you, and also brings along appreciation
    from people around you.
    So I will highly suggest to follow/revive your indoor passions and hobbies during this time.

2. Hone your skills by doing an online course or certification
 Things are going crazy in the corporate world too, and everyone is worried to keep their job safe.
    During these difficult times, the best way to feel secure and satisfied professionally is to work on
    your weakness and add a new feather to your work skills.

    Learn a new technology, a new tool or do a new online course/certification related to your work
    field, to hone your skills and get yourself to the next level.  

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3. Play Board/Card Games
Fun at home starts with indoor games and board games are your best bet.
    There are lot of amazing board games in the market for everyone, not only for enjoyment but also
    great learning experience. Depending on the category of games you like, you can buy 3-4 games to
    pass your time.

    The ones we play regularly are Sequence, Business, Scrabble, Uno and Poker.

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4. Catch up with old friends – Virtually
Because of our busy schedule and other priorities, we forget to be in touch with our old friends.
     I think, this is the best time to rekindle those friendships/relations and revisit the lanes of those old
     wonderful memories.

     So go ahead and give a call to your old buddies/relatives.

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5. Read new books
Reading books is the best way to calm oneself down when things are crazy and chaotic, like the
    current situations. It is also one of the best ways to connect to yourself and get into a new world of
    fiction, maybe to escape from the disturbing reality during the current times.

    Depending on your favorite genres, you can choose from a combination of romance, thriller,
    suspense, fiction and drama.

    I am a lover of thrill and suspense, and I would suggest books from Dan Brown, Jeffery Archer and
    Sidney Sheldon.

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6. Make money online
Who doesn’t wants to earn some extra bucks, freebies or free coupons during the free time at
    home? There are numerous sites/apps that pay you for taking surveys, watching videos, playing 
    games, posting reviews and if you have a good following on social media, doing campaigns for 

    Few of the ones I am using are:
    2. Capttera
    3. Lucktastic
    4. SurverySavvy
    5. Influenster

    More details and options on my next blogpost which will be entirely focused on Making
Money Online.

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7. Work on your mental and physical fitness
This is the best time to work on yourself and your personality, body and mind.
     With gyms and fitness camps closed, you need to find ways to workout and mediate at home.

     Yoga and meditation are great mediums to heel and rejuvenate yourself internally.
     You can practice them in the morning, while during the evening you can watch free workout
     videos on internet, especially youtube has some great videos to fit your daily workout regime.

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8. Travel around the world virtually
Though you can’t physically explore the beautiful places around the world, there are lot of virtual
     tours available to broaden your horizons.

     You can walk through some of the world famous museums and prestigious institutions.
     Ride on a rollercoaster in a theme park or even play with the animals at the zoo.

     Check out this link for the entire list of virtual tours available.

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9. Learn something new
Whether it’s a new language, a new hobby, a DIY activity or a musical instrument, this is the best
    time to learning something new which you can connect with and will be proud of, when all this is 
    over. It will also help you to divert your mind and give a new perspective to life.
    Today, everything is available on YouTube for free, so you can start away from the comfort of your

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10. And lastly, spend quality life with your family
With long working schedule, out of town business trips and other inevitable reasons because of
      which you couldn’t give ample quality time to your family, well my friend, this is the time
      when you can compensate for all those lost moments.

      While you are quarantined with your loved ones, it is a great opportunity to make your relations
      robust and relive those moments which you had missed out on.
      For new parents, it also brings an opportunity to closely watch and experience the activities of
      their newborns.

      Lastly and most importantly as you and your spouse might be spending more time together, there
      are also chances that things might fall into other direction, so have patience and endurance, and
      make sure you let this time pass happily and together.

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