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10 things to do in Atlantic City

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Atlantic City also known as mini Vegas is one of the most happening places in New Jersey.
There are tons of amazing things to do in this resort city which was established way back in mid-1800s.

Though an old city, it has been revamped into one of the finest destination of entertainment.
Right from grand casinos, lavish hotels, beautiful beaches, action-packed games, live concerts and vibrant nightlife, this city has everything to offer.

So here are the 10 topmost things to do in this popular vacation destination -:

1. Atlantic City Boardwalk
    This is the best place to have a feel of the city. Just keep on strolling along the way and you will come
    across things you always wanted to visit or wanted to do. Shopping malls, luxury hotels, lovely
    beaches, nightclubs, the boardwalk has something for everyone.

2. Casinos
After boardwalk, the most happening place in Atlantic City is its casinos.
     Caesars, Resorts, Tropicana and Bally’s are on the top of the list but I personally loved Wild Wild West
     Casino the most. The hardest part is to decide which casino to visit the first.

3. Beach
I have rarely seen someone who doesn’t love beaches except in chilly winters.
    I personally love the sound of water and playing on the beach so for me and most of you I guess, this
    comes next on the list.

4. Steel Pier
Someone said that the true fun beings at an Amusement park and I totally agree with the saying.
    Steel Pier is one of the most popular attractions of Atlantic City. Extending over 1000 feet into Atlantic
    Ocean, the pier features a fun-filled amusement park which is home to some 25 rides.
    The best attraction of Steel Pier is the giant “Wheel” which is 200+ feet tall and has 40 gondolas.
    Each gondola can hold 6 passengers offering a breathtaking view of the ocean and city.

5. Absecon Lighthouse
Ever thought of visiting the tallest lighthouse in the world?
    Well, this is not the world’s tallest but is tall enough to give you a splendid view of the city and ocean.
    Standing at 171 feet, the Absecon Lighthouse is New Jersey’s tallest lighthouse and a great place to be
    at. So if you are planning to get a sunrise or sunset shot, be here.

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6. Atlantic City Aquarium
The life beneath the water has always fascinated me and I am sure many of you might feel the same.
    The somersaulting dolphins, energetic sea lions, cruising sharks and what not, the list is endless.
    An aquarium is the best place to get close to these marine animals and Atlantic City Aquarium fulfills your
    wish. Over 100 varieties of aquatic life exist here and there are a lot of interactive exhibits, shows and
    feeding sessions held for the guests to watch and participate.  

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7. Shopping
The most liked word in this world, Shopping? Isn’t it?
    Who doesn’t want to be on a shopping spree and the streets of Atlantic City will make you crave for
    On one hand there are all big brands with crazy discounts and on other hand, there are shops selling
    each item for $1. So there is something for everyone.  

8. Live Concerts
Atlantic City is famous for hosting the hottest concerts, festivals and sporting events in New Jersey.
     Watching your favorite bands and artists perform live in front of you is like a dream come true.

9. Pipe Organ Tour
Are you a person who is interested in seeing the biggest, largest, and highest in the world?
     If yes, then this is definitely for you. Free tour of world’s largest pipe organ is something you should
     not miss. The tour is of one hour which starts with a 1/2 concert, followed by a 1/2 hour tour of the

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10. Nightclubs & Food
A place is known by its food and nightlife and when it is Atlantic City, the nights are going to be
      crazy and super awesome. With so many luxury hotels and electrifying nightclubs around, Atlantic
      City is definitely the place to have fun and party all night.
      On the food front, there are a lot of quality restaurants in the city to satisfy your hunger and make
      your tummy happy.

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