Monday, June 15, 2020

Hidden Gems of PA - Raymondskill Falls

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Located in the Delaware Water Gap area of Pennsylvania, Raymondskill Falls is titled as the tallest waterfall of the state. It is a series of three cascading waterfalls and when seen together, is believed to be only few feet shorter than Niagara Falls.

It is located on Raymondskill Creek in Milford and is easily accessible.
The Raymondskill Falls Loop Trail is just 0.4 mile and is rated easy.
The parking area and trails are maintained by the National Park Service, which ensures that they are generally in great condition.

The official trails take you to the top and middle tier of the Raymondskill Falls.
There are two viewing platforms available for you to take pictures and soak in the beauty of the falls.
But if you want to get to the lowest tier, you can take the faint trails that appear to be seen on the other side of the fence that head down to bottom.

The way is a bit steep and slippery to the lowest tier waterfall. As it is not maintained, people should take extra caution while getting down through it. But if you manage to get down, you will be treated with some breathtaking views of the lowest tier waterfall. Also it is quite peaceful and dreamy down there, so highly recommended.

If you want, you can also get to the river stream. The trail curves steeply downhill, until reaching creek level. The sound of flowing water is quite serene.

Address: Raymondskill Falls,Raymondskill Road, Milford, PA 18337

Parking: The parking is free, though there are only few spots available.

Admission: There is no admission fee for the waterfall.

Amenities: There are restrooms available.

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