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One of the most fascinating experience of Lifetime : Whale Watching

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Whales, the biggest mammal on this world are one of the most incredible creatures alive.
I have always seen them on Discovery or National Geographic channel and have been fascinated by their size and activities in the water. It was one of my dreams to watch them live and finally the dream came true on my visit to Boston.

Boston and nearby areas are famous for Whale watching on the east coast of USA. Infact, the area between Cape Cod and Cape Ann is the most exclusive seaside vacation spot on eastern coast for whale watching, especially the humpback ones. Therefore, if you want to experience these giant beauties playing around your boats, you should go for one of the whale watching tours.

The reason for good number of whales on US east coast is the Stellwagen Bank , an underwater plateau with steep sides. This lies around 30 miles east of Boston. The steep sides of the plateau cause the deep water currents to rise up when they hit the bank. This helps in bringing the nutrients and minerals from bottom to up and thus feeding the local ecosystem, turning out to be great feeding ground for whales.

Today, around 80% of the whale watching tours of New England takes place between Cape Cod and Cape Ann. You get to see dolphins, humpback, finback and minke whales.


There are number of tours available during the whale-watching season that starts from April and ends in October. Main season is July and August during which three tours of three to four hours runs daily. Big boats are available with passenger capacity of 100-400. There are two famous tours as per our analysis, Cape Ann whale watching tour and Viator tour.


We took Cape Ann whale watching tour and purchased tickets online a few days in advance. We got a good deal on Groupon and it costed us $48 per person (normal $90) for the tour in the afternoon (12pm). It was advised to carry a sweater or jacket, hat and sunscreen for the tour. 

As soon as we started sailing, we witnessed few colorful and lovely boats anchored along the shore. On reaching a mile ahead into the sea, there were two beautiful lighthouses on a scenic island.

We were waiting for the big slur of water but our excitements reached next level when pretty dolphins started performing summersaults around our boat. The view was quite fascinating.

Few more miles ahead and we heard someone screaming, “See at 3’0 clock, there is a big fin going inside the water. The next 2 hours were the most amazing time of our life when we witnessed around 8-10 finback and humpback whales performing their daily activities and playing around our boats.

It was an experience of lifetime and I would definitely suggest everyone to take a whale watching tour once in his or her lifetime.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

Amazing Boats around the shore :

Nearby Sightseeing places :

Here are few of the videos of my whole experience:

Dolphin watching:

Whale-watching Boston:

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