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The city of Mansions : Newport, Rhode Island

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Do you know where the most opulent people lived in USA?
Are you interested in touring some of the most expensive properties that ever existed on USA ?

If yes, Newport in Rhode Island is the place for you.
Newport is famous worldwide for its Glided Age mansions which are known for their royal interiors and stunning architecture.
These mansions were built as summer homes in the 1850s to 1900 by the wealthiest tycoons on the East Coast and from then they have attracted millions of tourists every year.

There are more than 10 exorbitant properties in Newport but the most famous of them are as below -:
- The Breakers
- Marble House
- Rosecliff
- The Elms
- Rough Point

The Breakers        
The Breakers is the grandest of the Newport summer cottages and a National Historic landmark.
Cornelius Vanderbilt II, President and Chairman of the New York Central Railroad, commissioned architect Richard Morris Hunt to build this mansion as a summer retreat for his family. This Italian Renaissance styled house has 70 rooms and sit on a 13-acre estate overlooking a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The interiors are glamorous, royal, stunningly beautiful and captivating.

Time Spend – 2-2:30 hours

Marble House
Architect Richard Morris Hunt build this splendid piece of architecture in 1888 as per instructions from William K. Vanderbilt. It was completed in 1892 at a whopping cost of $11 million and was termed as one of the best living accommodation that money could buy. There are more than 500,000 cubic feet of American, Italian and African marbles engraved inside the house.
In addition, there is a beautiful Chinese tea-house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, which is a treat in itself.

The interiors are quite fascinating, posh and enchanting.

Time Spend – 2-2:30 hours

Tickets and Fees
There are three variants available here -:
1. One house ticket, which admits you to any one house of your choice except Hunter House. The cost for this is $17.50 /adult.
2. Two house ticket, which admits you to The Breakers and one additional house of your choice except Hunter House. The cost for this is $29.00 / adult.
3. Five House Ticket, which admits any five properties excluding Hunter House. The cost for this is $35.00 /adult.

I would suggest you to buy the 5-house ticket as it will let your tour the four main mansions and also the ticket is valid for one complete year, hence you can visit them at any part of the year.

Most of the important mansions are at a walking distance from each other.
You can park your car at one of the mansion’s parking and tour each of them by foot.

There is no cafe in The Breakers but Marble house has the Chinese Teahouse in vicinity.
However, I would suggest carrying your own food.

As always our suggestion is to stay at an AirBnB place which is available at reasonable prices and is not more than an hour distance from Newport.

Explorerlens Gyan:
1. Plan to visit only 2 mansions in a day so that you can tour them effectively and properly.
2. Five house ticket is the best option, as it will let you admit the four top mansions of Newport.
3. Park your vehicle at the parking of one of the mansions and explore the rest of them by foot, as parking is limited, especially during the holiday season.
4. Purchase the tickets online to avoid long queues at the mansions.

Photo walk of "The Breakers"

Photo walk of "Marble House"

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