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Places to visit in New Jersey - Hacklebarney State Park

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Hacklebarney State Park is a state park of the U.S. state of New Jersey, located between Long Valley and Chester in Morris County. With freshwater Black River as its centerpiece, this 892 acres of glacial valley is a favorite tourist destination.

Steep slopes, swiftly flowing river water, beautiful trails, huge rocks and a variety of flora and fauna makes it popular among anglers, hikers, photographers and picnickers.

Three rare and endangered plant species exist within the park: American ginseng, leatherwood and Virginia pennywort. Over a hundred bird species and wildlife such as black bear, woodchuck, deer and fox live in the park.

Hacklebarney State Park has a total of 5 miles of hiking trails, the most amazing one on the gorges carved by the Black River and two tributaries that feed it, the Rinehart and Trout Brooks.
The hiking trails vary in difficulty; the trails along the Black River are narrow and rocky, while the majority of the trails are gravel.

Tickets & Fees
This place is free to public.

Easily accessible and has a big parking lot.

There are no cafes or food junctions nearby so it is good option to bring your own food and enjoy it in the lap of nature as Hacklebarney State Park has picturesque picnic spot.
While making your way back on the trail along the black river, there is a big picnic spot where picnic tables and charcoal grills are placed.
Also there is a cute bridge and beautiful small waterfalls in the vicinity of the spot, making the overall ambience quite stunning.

Now time for some gyan from Explorer Lens
1. One of the best places to visit during the fall as during the winter it is difficult to transverse your way in the scattered snow, along the route.
2. A great site for fishing so do get your rods.
3. A great picnic and family spot so do come in groups and it will be a great outing together.
4. The trails along the black river are rocky, so get your tracking stuff considering it a low level difficultly trail.


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