Sunday, December 31, 2017

US Diary - Winter Calling

Explorer Lens
So we were back in New Jersey, the USA after marriage and the month was December.
As we were in North part of USA the winter was in full flow and everyone advised us to be prepared for the chilling cold.

Though winter brings in shivering and layer of clothes, it is also that part of the year when we get to see the white covering of snow, the festival mood is on and the streets are flooded in lights in most part of the city, normal for people who are living here from ages but magical for the ones who experience it for the first time.

So we were excited to witness the Christmas and New Year’s celebration, play in the snow and enjoy the winter sports.

One of the major advantages of living in New Jersey is having one of the most happening cities in the world – New York in the vicinity.
So our winter sightseeing started with the exploring the lanes of New York city.

Here is a photo-tour of the same.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, one of the most popular proverbs of all time holds true in winter too. So to indulge in some adventure and fun activities we decided to try few of the winter sports.
Skiing and Skating were at the top of my list but both of them require a decent practice to even start with so we decided to go for Snow Tubing.
Check out our experience in the below photo tour -:

In the next article, we will bring the glimpse of Christmas celebrations from the most happening city of the world – New York. So keep checking this space for more amazing travel experiences..!!

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