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Experience Oman : Arabia's magic land..

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This country is a blend of old and new which is true not only about its cities but also its architecture, customs and traditions. It’s diverse terrain includes everything, right from majestic mountains, enormous desert to vast coastline, enough to make a traveller’s dream come true.


One of my dream destinations, the Sultanate of Oman is strategically positioned at the mouth of Persian Gulf.  This ethnically diverse country is well connected to all the countries worldwide and attracts thousands of tourists every year.
Though there are lots of amazing places to visit in Oman but those 10 must visit destinations which are at the top of my bucket list falls here -:

Muscat also described as the “Arabia’s Jewel” is the capital city of Oman.
In a desert country you always look for something green and when you get a lush green place like Muscat you feel out of this world. 

Old Muscat is known for its forts, castles and mosques, best place to visit for a person like me who is interested in old heritage buildings and archeological sites.
Also it is a shopper’s paradise with world class markets.

If you love highways full of thick plantations, roaming around in gardens and enjoying the ancient dwellings having rustic look then this is the place for you.
It is the most verdant city of Oman and a heaven for picnickers like me who are always in search for a place full of natural charm.
To add to the beauty is the Sohar Fort which was built in 1st century AD, the only fort in Oman that is whitewashed.

I am crazy for beaches and this sea coast town provides me every opportunity to enjoy the same. Also it is famous for its dhow shipyards which are presumed to be home of legendary Sailor, Sinbad. Just 40 kms away from the town are the beaches of R'as Al Hadd and R'as Al Junayz which are famous for turtle watching. Around 30,000 turtles come to lay to their eggs here.

Nakhl-Rustaq Loop
There are lots of Wadis running through the foothills and mountains extending throughout the Nakhl-Rustaq Loop. Some of these Wadis are best suited for those interested in trekking, while some offers the most thrilling Canyoning experience ever. I am crazy about Canyoning in spectacular waterfalls and mysterious rock structures and these Wadis are full of them.

If you are a horse lover like me who loves to watch them racing and dreams to ride one sailing past all the opponents, then Ibra and Seeb are for you.
You will find Royal Stables in Seeb a place which is famous for hosting many equestrian events. Riding an Arabian Stallion is like a dream come true.

This town is famous for legendary monuments which date back to time when Bible was written. From tomb of Prophet Ayoub to the palace of Queen of Sheba, there are lots of such places to explore.

 Also Salalah is paradise for beach lovers and people like me who are damn crazy for water sports. It’s clean beaches are ideal for scuba diving, sailing, jet skiing and diving. 


And the best part of this place is the marshy khawrs which are home to variety of migrating birds, indeed a paradise for birdwatcher like me.


There are many nearby places to visit which are famous for their natural surprises, like Tawi Attir a natural sink hole over 100m wide and 250m deep, Mughsayl beach which is famous for its unusual blow holes shooting water and foam to a height of 50 feet, an amazing view indeed.

Wahiba Sands
A desert to me is one of the most mysterious places in the world.  Exploring it on a camel is one of my dreams and it very much comes true in the Great Wahiba Sands.

With the unbeatable setting in the silky dunes of Wahiba Sands, 5-star Desert night camps provides Bedouin style luxury tents for those seeking to have a time of their life amid the desert.
Also don’t forget to enjoy the excitement of camel racing which is one of the most famous sport of Oman.

Musandam Peninsula
Musandam also dubbed as the “Norway of the Middle East” is a picturesque region with its scenery attracting thousands of tourists every year. Placid waters, Beautiful and vivid marine life and cloistered beaches are like paradise for people seeking peace of mind, especially for couples who want to spend quality time together. Also such places are great for exploration, best suited for a person like me.

Nizwa fort, Oman’s most visited national monument, Bahla fort, the oldest fort in Oman and
 Castle of Jabreen, the finest example of Islamic architecture are sheer treasure for a person like me who is so much interested in exploring the world heritage monuments.
Not only this, Nizwa being the oasis city is also famous for the single largest falaj in the desert country Oman.
And the best part of the town is the wonderful collection of handicrafts, coffee pots, leather goods, silverware and antiques which makes it a shopping paradise.

Western Hajar Mountains –
Western Hajar Mountains rising to 3000 metres presents an adventurous opportunity to rock climbers and trekkers. These mountains are home to some of the most dramatic canyons and caves of the world which are the best sites for exploration. Also here you will find Oman’s greatest natural wonder, The Wadi Nakhr Gorge. This canyon is a home to lot of mysterious tombs, natural dwellings and other remains of past.

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