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Discovering Asia, visit Malaysia..

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It is the one of the most dynamic country of Asia, a rich fusion of cultures not found at many places.
Along with ethnic diversity it endorses great diversity of nature at the same time.
If you are discovering true Asia, visit Malaysia.

It has been one of my dream destinations. If I get a chance to visit the tropical paradise, also one of the best economy of Asia my top 5 experiences that will help me explore the Malay Kingdom to the closet will include the following
1. Experiencing the natural beauty of Malaysia
  Dive at the Perhentain island/ Sipandan island
   Perhentain island is hugely popular for scuba diving in Malaysia was the reefs and crystalline                waters surrounding them are host to variety of sea turtles, sharks, tropical corals and reef fishes.

   Sipandan Island is the best place for diving in Malaysia was the crystal clear water is filled with
   manta rays, whale sharks, hammerhead sharks & barracudas. This island is so beautiful that it      has been declared as "untouched piece of art".

   Hike Malaysia's tallest mountain - Mount Kinabula 
   Hiking 4095 meters is one amazing experience. But when the mountain is home to 600 species of
   fern, 326 species of bird and 100 mammals the journey to the top because a lot more exciting.

   Gunung Mulu National Park
   You feel to be in a different world altogether when you see huge limestone karst formations in a            mountainous equatorial rain forest. Not only this Gunung Mulu park also exhibits vast cave network
   which contains parts of world's largest underground river system.
   And if you want more this park has the largest know natural chamber- Sarawak Chamber which is
   so big that it can accommodate about 40 Boeing 747s without overlapping their wings.

  Taman Negara National Park
  At an estimated 130 million years old, Taman Negara is the oldest tropical rain forest in the world and   largest in Malaysia. Trekking, night safaris, fishing are the popular activities here, but the most             famous is the highest and longest Canopy walkway in the world.

  Cameron Highlands
  If you are tea lover then you can't miss visiting the world's largest tea estates in the world, Cameron     Highlands. Spread over an area of 712 square kms it also serves as an habitat to for wide variety of
  flora and fauna. Around 700 species of plants grow here. So if you wanna go for tea hunting , the tea   gardens of Malaysia awaits you.

2. Experiencing the fusion of culture

Sarawak Cultural Village 
If you want to experience ethnic diversity Sarawak Cultural village is the place to visit.
It gives the feel of pure Malaysian natives. In this live museum you will get to see different traditional dances and performances which are a delight to watch. Apart from cultural experience there are fun activities like coconut bowling, blowpipe shooting and traditional dance lessons.

Batu Caves
Malaysian are proud of the 42 meter statue of Lord Murugan which stands tall at Batu Caves, the most popular Hindu shrine outside India.There are lot of cave temples here along with Ramayana cave which is situated to the extreme left. The tall Hanuman statue is also of great attraction.

3. F1 racing experience is a must
If you are in Malaysia and you haven't tried your hands on the sexy sport racing cars then you are definitely missing something. Sepang Circuit invites all F1 racing lovers & speed demons to have a feel of the adrenaline rush. Speeding cars above 300 km/h is one hell of experience.

4. Touching the sky experience

Petronas Twin Towers
The tallest twin towers of the world, the Petronas towers are a delight to every eye.
Mostly in the night this 88 floored skyscraper are divine beauties.
Main attraction is the double decker sky bridge connecting the two towers ,which is the highest 2-story bridge in the world.

The Kuala Lumpur tower
This 421 meter tower is one of the main attraction in Kuala Lumpur.
One can easily reach to the upper area of this tower which is mounted with binoculars all over the observation desk. The panoramic view of the city is just mind-blowing. Once you are at the top of the tower you feel like standing above the clouds touching the sky.

5. Royal Selangor, the brand icon of Malaysia
   Royal Selangor is a Malaysian pewter manufacturer and retailer, the largest of its type in the world. It    is recognized as a Malaysian brand icon.
   Presently, the company offers over a thousand different tableware and gift items, from traditional          tankards and tea sets, to photo frames, desk accessories and wine accessories.


    The demonstrations of various techniques used in making of a handicraft are fascinating. The best        bet is to watch the liquid pewter cool down in just a couple of seconds.
    The showroom dispalys different items made out of the pewter. The creations are really beautiful         and unique.


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Malaysia has thousands of more things to explore and this is just a must to do list which is a small part of the major bucket list. I hope my dream comes true soon, off to pack my bags..;)

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