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Top things to do in Arches National Park

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We have learned about Arch in Mathematics during our school days.
I was quite intrigued by the arch questions, especially the parabolic arch ones.
When I found that there is a national park in USA which has world famous arches, I was surprised and equally excited.

Arches National Park in Utah is among the 5 iconic National Parks of Utah, which are also known as Mighty 5. In our ten days roadtrip to Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, we also planned to cover this national park.

After exploring the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park, we were on our way to check out the fascinating arches of Arches National Park.

Arches National Park is home to more than 2000 natural sandstone arches and jaw dropping geological formations. Though, there is a lot to see here, a half to one day trip covering the major arches, viewpoints and geological formations would give you almost complete glimpse of Arches National Park.

So, here is the list of major attractions:

1. Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is the most iconic attraction of Arches National Park. People from all over the world come to see this Arch. It is situated on the top of the mountain, so from the parking lot you need to walk uphill most of the times to get to the arch.

Expect a lot of crowd here. Best time to visit the Arch is mostly during sunrise, late afternoon or sunset.

Distance – 3 miles round trip
Time – 2-3 hours

2. Double Arch

When one is a treat, two calls for a party. Double Arch is nothing less than a party in Arches National Park. It is a fabulous display of natural beauty. Though, they look small from a distance but are massive in shape. 

Distance – 0.5 miles round trip
Time – 30 minutes


3. The Windows and Turret Arch

There are 3 arches in vicinity that can be seen along a short hike – North Window, South Window and Turret Arch.  As this is a popular spot, it might be difficult to get a parking spot easily.

Distance – 0.7 miles round trip
Time – 45 minutes

4. Devils Garden

Devils Garden is one of the best hikes to do in Arches National Park, as there are multiple arches to explore here. It is also home to the largest arch of the park – Landscape Arch.

Most people visit Landscape Arch and turn around to the parking lot, but there are many other amazing arches that you can visit, like Double O Arch, Pine Tree Arch, Tunnel Arch, Navajo Arch and Partition Arch .

Landscape Arch Distance – 1.9 miles round trip.
Landscape Arch Time – 2-2.5 hours
Side trails to Pine Tree and Tunnel arches will add another 0.5 miles and 30 minutes.

Double O Arch Distance – 4.1 miles round trip
Double O Arch Time – 4-5 hours


5. Park Avenue

If you are looking for something different than arches in the Arches National Park, this is the place to explore. Gigantic rock formations in form of interesting shapes from real life is a treat to the eyes, as it takes your imagination to the next level.

Also, it is a short hike which can be done by people of all ages.

Distance – 1 mile one way
Time – 30-45 minutes


6. Balanced Rock

You can see this amazing structure right from the road, but it is worth pulling over to get a good view. It is one of the iconic non-arch formations in the park and a must visit. You can go for a short hike around the rock to get an up-close view.

Distance – 0.3-mile round trip
Time – 15 minutes


7. Garden of Edens

Garden of Eden is on the way to Double Arch and Windows Arch.
This geological wonder is another quick stop to see some amazing hoodoos and sandstone rock pinnacles.


8. La Sal Mountain view

Attaining a staggering height of 13,000 feet, this second highest mountain range in Utah can be seen from Arches National Park.
360-degree panoramic view of the stunning red rocks formation and snow covered La Sal Mountains at the backdrop, is really a delight to watch.


9. Fiery Furnace

This is one of the popular ranger guided hike and the reservations fill up quickly.
You can also get a view from the overlook point which is near to the parking lot.


                                                                    Credit - Here

10. Sand Dunes Arch

Sand Dunes arch is located in between the fins of sandstone rock and gives you a different experience than most of the arches in the park. It is a short hike to the arch, but as we were short on time, we couldn’t do it.

Distance – 0.4-mile round trip
Time – 15-20 minutes


                                                                     Credit - Here

11. Skyline Arch

Located in the Devil's Garden area, Skyline Arch can be easily seen from the roadway.
The arch is impressive and can be reached by a short hike.

Distance – 0.2-mile round trip
Time – 15-20 minutes

There are lot of other arches and places to explore in Arches National Park and it totally depends on how much time you have to cover them.


Tips from our experience

1. Start your day early as early as possible, so that you get the parking spot and also get the views to yourself.

2. The Arches National Park is one of the most famous national parks in USA and can get packed pretty soon. You can see park full sign at 9:00 am also, so you really need to plan and start your day early or arrive in the late afternoon.

3. If you are visiting the park during summer time, carry a lot of water with you as the temperatures might even reach 100-degree Fahrenheit.

4. In case, you find Arches National Park full during your visit, plan a quick trip to Island in the Sky of Canyonlands National Park. It is totally worth the visit.

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