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Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon - The Comparison

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The Antelope Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in USA.
Situated in Page, Arizona, this sandstone slot canyon can also be considered as one of the natural wonders of America.

But the most important question that occurs in everyone’s mind is, whether to visit Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon. Both of them are stunningly beautiful and will give you an experience of lifetime.
We visited both the canyons and here is the comparison and list of common factors between the two, to help you decide.

Common Factors

1. Crowd
5 years ago, Upper Antelope was considered more famous and crowded, but things have changed
    thereafter. Today both the Canyons are equally crowded during the peak season, especially in
    So whichever Canyon you are visiting, don’t expect to get much time to spend at one spot and be
    prepared to always keep moving. If you won’t stick to your guide and follow his instructions,
    there is a possibility that he might shout at you or not take your pics.

2. Expensive
Antelope Canyon is privately owned by Navajo Nation and is a source of tourism business for
    them. As a result, the tour cost of these Canyons is on the higher side, as compared to the 
    admission fee for any national park in USA.

    Normal tours for Upper Canyon starts from $60 and $50 for Lower Canyon.
    This price is the walk-in price. If you book online the price is still higher.
    And yes, you need to pay $8/person for the Navajo guide who accompanies you during the tour.
    I would suggest to book online if you are visiting during the peak season, as the slots get booked
    pretty fast.

Now moving on to the comparison between the two slot canyons, here are the thumbs up and thumbs down points for both the Canyons.

Upper Antelope Canyon
Upper Antelope Canyon is V shaped, narrow at the top and wide at the base. It is famous for its light beams and falling sand.The most expensive photo ever was also taken here by Australian landscaper photographer Peter Lik.

There are lot of tour providers for Upper Antelope Canyon. Some of the ones I know are:
- Antelope Canyon Tours
- Adventurous Antelope Canyon PhotoTours
- Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Thumbs Up
1. Photogenic
Because of the beam of light the Upper Antelope Canyon is more photogenic. Mostly the pics on
    the internet are of Upper Canyon only.
    There are photography tours available for Upper Canyon which are no longer provided for Lower
     Canyon.  So if you are a serious photographer, the photography tours are for you.

Thumbs down
1. Expensive
As compared to Lower Antelope Canyon, the tours for Upper Canyon is a bit more expensive.
     So be ready to shell out more for this canyon.
2. Darker
The best time interval to tour the Upper Antelope Canyon is from 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., when the
    sun is right above our head. But, as it has narrow canyon walls at the top, it is darker than the  
    Lower Canyon.

Lower Antelope Canyon
Lower Antelope Canyon is comparatively bigger than the Upper one. It is narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, making it brighter and warmer than the Upper Canyon.
There are mainly providers of Lower Antelope Tour
- Ken's Tours
- Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon Tours

Thumbs Up
1. Longer and Bigger
As Lower Antelope Canyon is bigger and longer than the Upper one, you get more time to
    experience and feel the beauty of the vibrant colors of the Canyon walls and also click pics.
    Also you get to see more structures and formations than the Upper Canyon.
2. Slightly less Expensive and Crowded
Well, I would say that in terms of crowd there is not much difference between both the Canyons
     but still Lower Antelope Canyon is comparatively less crowded.
    Also it is atleast $10 cheaper than the Upper Canyon.

Thumbs down
1. Narrow and Congested
The Lower Antelope Canyon is narrow at the bottom which makes it is a little congested to pass
    through, especially when it is crowded. But if you are not bothered by small and enclosed spaces
    then it won’t be a big concern. 
2. Stairs
You need to take stairs to get into the Canyon and also there are few of them while you are walking
    through the canyon. It might be an issue for the children and elderly people and those who have     
    mobility limitation.
3. No light Beam
It was the light beam pic which made Antelope Canyon world famous, but you can find that only
    in Upper Antelope Canyon. As the Lower Antelope Canyon is wide at the top, the possibility of a 
    seeming light beam is nearly impossible here.

Final Conclusion
Both the Canyons are incredibly beautiful and will provide you with a lifetime experience.
But, if you are looking for the beam of light and are a professional photographer, I would suggest you to visit Upper Antelope Canyon.

But if you are not much concerned about the beam of light, but want to experience the canyon more closely, want to touch and feel the walls and vibrant colors of the Canyon, Lower Antelope Canyon is a better option.

If you have time, I will recommend to visit them both on the same day..!!

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