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8 top things to do in Valley of Fire, Nevada

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The terrains in state of Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming are famous for being considered as extraterritorial. There are lot of movies where these amazing lands have being featured as the ones belonging to outer space.

One of such attraction lies at an hour driving distance from Las Vegas, Valley of Fire State Park.
Scattered across an area of 46,000 acres, this state park has derived its name from the red sandstone formations due to shifting sand dunes over 150 million years ago.

We visited this place during the month of September and were lucky because the park was significantly less crowded. Scenic drives, stunning rock formations, mesmerizing shades of color all around the park during the sunlight, are few of the many things which makes this place one of the best daytrips from Vegas.

There is a lot to explore and see in this magical land, but here are the top 8 attractions which you should not miss to see during your visit to Valley of Fire State Park.

These are unique/unusual sandstone formations, which appear in few minutes from the main entrance.
They are created by geologic cross-bedding and you can observe layers deposited over each other with grooved lines going in different directions.

You can climb at the top of one of them for some great views of the park.
Spend around 20 minutes here.

Seven Sisters
Next stop is Seven Sisters. You can see seven sandstone rocks together, standing like seven sisters.
Spend 5-10 minutes here to click few pics of the seven sisters and then head forward.

Elephant rock
Situated next to east entrance, this rock formation looks like an elephant.
It is a 1.2 mile easy loop trail, the highlight of the trail being the Elephant Rock.

Rainbow Vista
It is a 1-mile round trip hike through the gorgeous red rocks to the top of a big hill, from where you can get stunning views of the park.
There are lot of options to get color soaked photos here, so take pics from all the angles.

Pink Canyon
This is one of my favorite among all the attractions in Valley of fire and it feels like you are somewhere inside the Antelope Canyons.
There is no official trail for this pastel colored canyon, hence it becomes difficult to locate it.
It is part of wash no. 5 and situated near to Fire Wave and the White Dome trail is how you can find it. Do remember that the spot parking is limited to only two cars.

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The Fire Wave
Fire Wave is one of the most beautiful spots in Valley of Fire. It is a 1.5-mile loop hike to the incredible rock formation, where the coloring of the rocks is breathtaking. This magical spot is highly recommended and shouldn’t be missed.
Just keep your eyes on the path while walking, as there are many holes in the sand.

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White Domes
It is a 1.25 mile round trip moderate hike, because it is downhill at the start and uphill on the return. However, the experience is worth it when you get to walk through a narrow slot canyon.

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