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10 Best Places to visit in North and South Carolina

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The Carolinas are the U.S. states of North Carolina and South Carolina.
With magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains in the west and vast shoreline of Atlantic Ocean in the east, South Carolina is a state of water to mountains. As much variety you will find in the terrain, the same can be visualized its attractions too.

From a hike in the mountains to chilling at a beach, I think pretty much same goes for North Carolina too. It is also known as the land of waterfalls.
There are lot of great attractions in the Carolinas to explore in summer and fall, but if you are on a time crunch, here are the top 10 of them that you should not miss.

1. Outer Banks
Located in North Carolina, Outer Banks are barrier islands separating the Atlantic Ocean from the
    mainland. Home to the highest dunes in USA, stunning beaches, state parks and beautiful
    lighthouses, they are indeed a great summer vacation destination.

2. Myrtle Beach
If you talk about the best beaches in USA, Myrtle Beach will definitely find a place in the top 10.
    Adventurous water sports, amazing theme parks, beautiful beaches, happening boardwalk,
    country’s tallest Ferris Wheels and celebrity designed golf courses, this city offers everything you 
    would want on a summer gateway.

3. Charleston
Voted as the best city to live in USA by various travel portals and magazines, Charleston is a must
    visit place in South Carolina. It is cited for its beauty and rich history. Take the Charleston Harbor 
    tour,visit historic landmarks and museums, enjoy water activities or just stroll the beautiful city, 
    there is something for everyone here.
    A visit to South Carolina is incomplete without witnessing the incredible Angel Oak Tree which is
    estimated to be around 500 years old. It is situated in the Angel Oak park in Johns Island.
    This Island is just a 20 minutes drive from Charleston and a quick stop to click some pictures with
    this beautiful tree.
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4. Congaree national park
Congaree National Park is a 26,000-acre wilderness in South Carolina.
    It is one of the best places in USA to watch fireflies and is home to old growth bottomland
    hardwood forest. If you only prefer to do the boardwalk here, then probably you will be just 
    starring at the tress and some snakes, and it might be boring. Free guided Canoe Tours on Cedar 
    Creek are the best way to explore the national park. However, as they run for only few days of 
    every month, so better make the reservations early.
    The admission to the park is free.

5. Swan Lake Iris Gardens
Located in South Carolina, this place is a heaven for bird lovers, especially those who love swans.
    Swan Lake is the only place in whole USA where you can find all 8 different species of swan in
    their natural habitat. Iris Gardens is famous for its Iris Festival and is home to colorful and 
    beautiful flowers, especially Japanese Iris flowers. 
    There is no ticket to visit this place.

6. Caesars Head State Park
One of the most scenic spots in South Carolina is Caesars Head State Park.
    Caesars Head is a gigantic rock formation that overlooks the dramatic Blue Ridge scarp. From the
    overlook point, you can witness the lush green forests during summers and picturesque landscape
    during falls. The sunset from this point is just incredible. Hiking is also popular here, and shorter
    trails like the Raven Cliff Falls are the favorites.
    This place is free to public.

7. High Falls
North Carolina is known as the land of waterfalls, as there are many stunning waterfalls in the Blue
    Ridge Mountains. One of them is High Falls, which is a 125 feet waterfall located in the DuPont
    State Forest. It is a 1.4 miles round trip hike and is of easy level. We loved this waterfall, as it is 
    not only tall but also spread across significantly, there are swimming areas and it is easily 

8.  Chimney Rock State Park
If you love to watch the beautiful spread of mountains covered in lush green forests and water
     flowing between them, from the top, then this is the place to be at.
     Located in the Chimney Rock, this 6500+ acre park has everything to offer for outdoor
     enthusiasts. On top of the rock, you are treated to some of the most dramatic mountain scenery 
     ever. There are lot of amazing trails here, some of which also lead you to stunning waterfalls. 
     The 404-foot Hickory Nut Falls is the best of all.
     The entry ticket is $17/person.


9.  Asheville
Asheville is a beautiful city of North Carolina, which is famous for its architecture, downtown,
     magnificent Biltmore House and vicinity to the Blue Ridge Mountains. The downtown has some
     10 insta-worthy points that you can get yourself clicked at. The Biltmore House is one of the most
     spectacular mansion in the whole USA and a tour of the place is quite exceptional, though it is
     also a bit expensive.

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10. Grandfather Mountain State Park
One of the iconic place of North Carolina is Grandfather Mountain State Park.
      It is home to the famous “Mile High Swinging Bridge”, which is a mile high (5000+ feet) above
      sea level. It is also America’s highest suspension footbridge, which gives visitors breathtaking  
      360-degree panoramic views of the vista around.
      The admission cost is a bit high at $22/person.

So these are the top 10 places that I would personally recommend.
If you love motorsports, skyline and amusement parks, you can also visit the largest city of North Carolina – Charlotte.
Here is a Map of all the places together :

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