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The top tourist destinations in the world with the most amazing views

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Travelling is often defined as the geographical movement of people from one place to another. However, travelling involves more than that. Travelling lets you explore a different region, it bounds you to forget your
daily worries and engross into some new activities, it makes you mingle with a new crowd and accept them as your friends for life.

Travelling is an interesting activity and there is no one in the world who does not love to travel. Our planet is full of amazing travelling destinations that leave you spellbound through its beauty and culture. These places provide you with a new way to kick-start your life again and pack a bag full of memories to cherish for the lifetime.

1.       Andaman
            Holidays in Andaman will be full of fun, enjoyment, relaxation, and excitement. Andaman is a heavenly place and not only in the Indian subcontinent, but in the archipelago is also popular in different parts of the world. The place observes a huge rush of tourists every year to grab the beautiful landscapes overlooking the azure waters and the vibrant marine life. One should visit Andaman at least one in his lifetime. The visit to the Andaman Islands will add wholesome memories to cherish for lifetime.

2.       Paris, France
              Paris is the city of love and it is said that the air and aura of Paris are infused with nothing but love. Wherever you stay, your building will have a balcony overlooking the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Apart from this, the unique architecture, the amazing churches, the warm people and the sumptuous cuisine, Paris has everything you crave for your holiday.

3.       Dubai
               Embark on a journey towards this beautiful city of the Middle East. Dubai is a marvelous place to spend a luxury honeymoon holiday, celebrate a feast with your kids or merrymaking with your colleagues and friends. Dubai is the vibrant city of the United Arab Emirates and it boasts of making people spend the best time of their life with their company. Regardless of who is accompanying you, Dubai has everything to spoil you for the choices of holiday activities.

4.       Prague, Czech Republic
              People might say this is an underrated European destination but Prague is a vibrant city that entices a lot of people to its heart every year. This is one of the favourite European destinations among travelers and people enjoy the place for its great beer, oodles of sightseeing, night parties. Prague is also considered to be one of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

5.       Nepal
              Head to any of the trekking tours in the Himalayas and try to contemplate the heavenly beauty of Nepal, which cannot be expressed in words. If you are an adventure enthusiast, Nepal can be the best place for your holiday and the views of the mighty Himalayas are worth capturing. Nepal is a country that still has plenty of unexplored regions. Head to the toughest treks and you never know you end up finding a new trekking destination in Nepal for the world.

6.       Ladakh
               Wish to become a part of a road trip? Head on, explore the regions of the Kashmir valley and reach the beautiful Ladakh by road. If bullet and Harley Davidson are your best friends then a road trip to Ladakh is a must to reach the culmination of your biking journey. This journey will be so chaotic in the beginning and it will end with complete peace and relaxation at the end. The beautiful views of the Ladakh valley will wipe out all the hardships you faced to reach here.

7.       Turkey
              Do you wish to please your soul with the Byzantine romance of the past and the vibrant charm of the present? Turkey is the ideal place for you. Turkey has been one of the popular destinations among the lovebirds as well as the families who wish to experience something out of the box on their holiday. Turkey offers a unique blend of two cultures, amalgamating into a different ambience to present to the world. There is a unique charm in this place and one should visit it at least once in one’s lifetime.

8.       Marrakech, Morocco
              Although Morocco might not be present in your list of holiday destinations but the views of the city of Marrakech will leave you spell bound for a moment. Everything in the city is just to love about. There is an abundance of colours and colourful fabrics all around. The endless maze of mosques, garden, palaces, and souks are going to blow your mind away. Marrakech is generally hot all the year round and make sure you are not carrying warm clothes with you.

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