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Best Beaches on East Coast USA - Ocean City Maryland

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So according to you which is the best thing to do in Summers?
- Hike at the top of a mountain to witness those breathtaking scenic views.
- Camping in the middle of a forest.
- Water sports.
- Lazing out on a beach, watching the sunset and enjoying your favorite beer.

If you are a beach person like me and love water sports, here is another great place to visit this summers – Ocean City, Maryland.
Ocean City, MA is listed among the top 10 beaches on the East Coast of USA and has a lot of activities to do whole day round.

The main attractions of Ocean City include -:
- Boardwalk
- Beach Volleyball
- Amusement Park
- Arcade games centers
- Pier
- Movies on the beach
- Fireworks
- Beach Lightshow
- Water Sports

Ocean City boardwalk is considered as America's best by Travel Channel. National Geographic has named it one of the top 10 in the U.S. And USA Today named it one of the nation's best boardwalks for food.

The 3 mile boardwalk has something for everyone. There are food junctions, shops, arcade game centers, amusement park, sand sculptures and a scenic ocean view.

At night, the boardwalk fills with music and fun. There are lot of free activities that can done, the top ones are, movies on the beach, concerts, fireworks and lightshows.
Please visit the official site to check the exact schedule.

Along the boardwalk, near to the Pier is the Amusements Park which has a lot of rides for the children. The top attraction is Ferris Wheel which provides spectacular view of the ocean from the top.

For those interested in fishing, you can always go to the Pier and enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean while trying your luck on getting some fishes hooked. The Pier ticket is just 50 cents per person.

If you love water activities, there are a lot of players who provide water sports and tour packages which includes boat tours, parasailing, jet skis, helicopter tours, kayaking, cannoning etc.

Apart from the above activities there are some other recreational activities that you can enjoy like Golf, Horse Riding and Biking.

Tickets & Fees
There is no ticket for boardwalk. For Pier it is 50 cents/person and for amusement park you can take a package for the whole park which includes all the rides, the cost per person is around $30.

The beach is easily accessible and connected.
There are a lot of pay to park options available near to the beach.

There are so many options available on the boardwalk that you can spend the complete day treating your taste buds.

There are a lot of hotels on the boardwalk itself which provide stunning views of the ocean from the balcony.

Now time for some gyan from Explorer Lens
1. Spend complete day here as there are lot of activities all the day round, especially during the night.
2. If you are ok not to have an ocean view from your balcony, prefer to stay in an Airbnb location
    which is light on the budget.
3. There are more than 50 free activities to do in Ocean City, so keep checking the schedule on the
    official site so that you don’t miss out on any of them like fireworks, lightshows and movie on the
    beach etc. 

Here are some more pics from my visit to this amazing place -

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