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10 Things to do in Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor

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Two of the most visited places on East Coast; Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor are photo heavens for every tourist that comes here.
Majestic Coastlines, Beautiful Islands, Magnificent Mountains, Isolated Beaches, Lip Smacking Food and Breathtaking views, the combo of Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor has it all.

Recently I visited these places with my friends and here are the top 10 things to do in and around the duo -:

1. Cadillac Mountain
Standing tall at 1,530 feet, this mountain is the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard and the first place to view sunrise in the complete USA from Oct 7 to Mar 6.
You can hike your way to the top of the mountain but it is preferable to get there by road.
Some of the most amazing and breathtaking views await your arrival at the top.
Big Cruises, numerous beautiful islands, marine life and lush green forests, watching all this from the highest point is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

2. Acadia Nature Cruise
It takes the first position in the things to do in Bar Harbor.
Cruise your way in a boat or yacht across the endless ocean witnessing a spectacular view of beautiful islands and the charming marine life on the way.
Mostly two boat tours are famous. The first one is of 2 hours which takes you around all the islands letting you enjoy the breathtaking scenery of coastal Maine.
The other one is a whale watching tour of around 4 hours where you are taken to the Gulf of Maine to witness the largest animals on the earth, Humpback, Finback and Minke whales.
You can choose any of the tours according to your time availability but definitely a must to do activity.

3. Eagle Lake
Eagle Lake is the largest freshwater lake in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.
It has a lot of scenic views around and the best way to explore them is to take the Eagle Lake Trail.
It is a 6-mile loop trail on a well-forested path which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

4. Thunder Hole
Thunder Hole as the name suggests is a place to experience the thunder of the sea.
Located in Acadia National Park it is a natural rock inlet where waves make a loud sound while rolling in and during the way out water splashing out of the inlet to great heights. It mostly happens during the time of high tides.
Also from the rocks around, you get to see some breathtaking views of the endless sea.

5. Portland Head Light
This 200 years old lighthouse known as the Portland Head Light is the most photographed lighthouse in America. This iconic lighthouse located around 180 miles from Bar Harbor is a must visit place to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea. Huge waves crashing into the rocks, Gigantic cruises sailing across and blue water all around is indeed the best your eyes can get.

6. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Located around 120 miles from Bar Harbor lies the bed of natural beauty, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor. This premier tourist attraction is home to more than 200 varieties of flora. So if you are looking for vibrant colors, a wide range of beautiful flowers and lush greenery, this is the perfect destination.

7. Sand Beach
Don’t go by the name considering it as just some other beach as it has much more to it.
Nestled in a small inlet between the mountains and rocky shores of Mount Desert Island, this stunning 290 yards of beach is a treat for the tourists. I couldn’t visit this beauty but saw it on my cruise tour. Definitely, a must visit for all the beach lovers.

8. Ocean Trail
Though there are a lot of amazing trails in Acadia National Park this one is at the top of the list. Ocean Trail begins at Sand Beach, and then meanders southward along the rocky coast to Thunder Hole, then continues further until it arrives at Otter Cliff. There are numerous excellent spots to stop and take in the fantastic sights around you. Overall it is a 4 mile round trip trail covering few of the best places to visit in Acadia National Park.

9. Hopping on some delicious seafood
Bar Harbor is famous for its seafood delicacies, lobster being the favorite of all.
Steamed lobster, lobster ice cream, blueberry soda and there are a lot more dishes to hop on and satisfy your seafood appetite. So all the seafood lovers head over to this place. 

10. Hiking & Trails
There are a lot of hiking trails in Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor that will help you explore some of the best scenic views of the area. Most of the trails are interconnected and safe.
Some of the best trails include -:
a. Ocean Trail
b. Bar Harbor shore path
c. Gorham Mountain trail
d. Eagle Lake trail
e. Bar Island trail

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