Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The land of Beaches, Babes and Booze : Goa

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One of the most happening places of India, Goa is truly scintillating and magical and when you visit it around new year's time it is just phenomenal.

So here are the 10 things you should do when in Goa
1. There is no better way of exploring Goa than on a bike or a scooter like Activa.
     Enjoy the ride and save time on traffic jams.

2. Goa has one of the best beaches in India. If you are a party animal looking for great crowd or if
     you are looking for a serene place to spend quality time with yourself or your partner, there are
     beaches for all the moods.
3. Don't miss the sunsets. Goa has the best beaches in India and the hot ball of fire mesmerizes you
    when it meets the endless sea creating a breathtaking panoramic view.

4. Goa shacks are the best in India. White sand underneath your feet, rocking music, India's best
    booze, amazing lightning and lick-smacking seafood, what else one can ask for.

5. Mention of Goa without Casinos is like food without salt. Goa is not only about beaches and
    shacks but also a lot about Casinos. As gambling is legal in Goa it is home to some of the best
    Casinos in India where you can try your luck.

6. The way we have Vadapav shops in Mumbai or Poha shops in Indore, the same can be said for
     Tattoo in Goa. If you visit Goa do get tattooed.

7. Goa provides innumerable opportunities to indulge into water sports and other activities like
    parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling. So do make the most out of it.

8. Dolphins are one of the most lively and fun-loving creatures of the endless seas and seeing them
    live in the sea is one of the most interesting, magical and beautiful things to do in Goa.
    So when you visit Goa next time board a cruise for Dolphin sightseeing.

9. Goa has some of the best and oldest churches of India so a trip to Goa is incomplete if you miss
    visiting them.

10. Shacks or clubs are not the only party destinations in Goa as some of the coolest parties happen
      on luxury yachts and cruises.Get the upbeat vibe of Goa and bring the party animal out on the
      desk while witnessing the awesomeness of the beautiful Arabian sea.

When going into the lap of the ocean brings colors and joy to nature.

Rendezvous of nature assets beautifying the moments

Love is not just human trait, it's universal

Meet the horizon over the unknown path

             Infinity: search for it and you will reach the eternity.

  Somewhere between dusk and dawn, you discover those
  amazeballs moments..!!

  When nature renders you with the blue, you have to set aside
   your blues...!!

    Smooth paths never offer fair ends, rough and ragged do.

The serene sunset..!!

               So vast yet so calm and quiet...truly dignified..!!

Captions Credit : Pooja

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