Saturday, December 24, 2016

Spanning the dimensions of Rich Indian Culture

Explorer Lens
After having an Indoor and Outdoor shot it was time to explore the rich heritage of India and be part of it's royalness.

Also this time you will see yours truly in front of the lens.

Thanks a lot to the very bubbly and beautiful Shruti for the amazing company.

As always comments and suggestions are most welcomed :)
Please also do lemme know what should I try in the next shoot..!!

                  On the lap of history, confident present is found

  When there is no looking back..!!

           Being gracious on the steps to liveliness..!!

            Turn your eyes where exist the eternity.

                Looking at the seamless world with candid eyes

        Some random thoughts amid the beautiful nature.

 Just a subtle smile is needed to win hearts and conquer ego.

                  Jewellery is no more the style statement, Smile is..!! 

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