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USA - One of the best travel destinations in World

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I love to travel the world and explore new places. For me travelling is the perfect stress buster which brings me back to life whenever I am dead.

I have being in US for a year now and I can definitely say that it is one of the best travel destinations in the world.
Here are the factors which make it one -:

1. Awesome Road trips
I have been to more than 10 road trips in US and each time I have felt on the top of the world.
    Lush green forests, breathtaking scenic views, smooth straight roads extending min 3-4 lanes on
    each side, bridges and causeways built in the most efficient manner, Restrooms, Gas Stations and 
    Food junctions at regular distances and apt driving directions & instructions offers nearly a perfect     road trip magic.

2. Magnificent Amusement Parks
US is home to world’s best amusement parks which include Disney Kingdom, Sea World and
    Universal Studios to start with. A day spent in these parks is like living in a completely different
    world, having an experience of lifetime. There is so much to do, see, explore and cherish that you
    will want to visit these parks again and again.

3. World famous beaches
Who doesn’t like to stroll around, enjoy water sports, swim and feel the beauty of a beautiful
      beach? Hawaii – The Big Island, Honolulu – Oahu, Miami Beach – Florida are some of the
      beaches here which are counted among World’s top. Also US enjoys a great geographical 
      location having proximity to world’s best of the best beaches situated in the Caribbean Islands, 
       Puerto Rico, Cuba and Bahamas being the most popular ones.

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4. Vibrant Nightlife
Rocking night clubs, Stylish bars, Colorful Downtowns, lively parties and High class Gentlemen
      clubs make US one of the favorite destinations for night lovers.
     Exploring a city in the day time has its charm but nights are the best way to enjoy a city.
     With cities like Las Vegas which is the undisputed nightlife capital of the world and New York
     which ranks no far, US is undoubtedly one of the best travel destinations for people who love to
     live every night like never before.

5. Unparalleled Architecture
Be it the stunning, royal and tall buildings of the Downtown, world famous bridges or the
     spectacular monuments and highly rich museums, US is known to home to one of the finest 
      architectures in the world.

                                                                      Credit - Here

6. Natural Beauty at it’s best
With half of US covered in forests, it won’t be a false statement to make that you will be enjoying
      the beauty of nature nearly every time you travel across the country.
      US is home to spectacular mountain ranges, deserts, canyons, caves, waterfalls, ancient forests,
      glaciers, volcanoes and swamps, making it one of the hottest travel destinations for nature lovers.
      Not to forget natural wonders like Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Niagara Falls and world best
      National Parks.

7. Cuisines from across the globe on your plate
     Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Indian or American, just name the cuisine and there will
      restaurants serving the best of the dishes in that segment.
     As America has immigrants from across the globe your taste buds can enjoy the delicacies of
     most parts of the world.

8. World’s best Amenities for everything
Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding, Scuba Diving, River Rafting, Surfing, Sailing,
     Parasailing, Snorkeling, Tubing, Canoeing, Helicopter rides and the list is endless. 
     If you want to try any adventure sport or activity, you will get the best amenities here with safety
     given the utmost priority.

9. Perfect Maintenance and Arrangements
Comfort, ease of navigation, proper maintenance and arrangement are some of the most important
     factors a person considers while visiting a place.
     I have been to numerous places/spots in US and will definitely praise the way things are being
     presented and arranged which makes life of a visitor quite smooth and relaxed, allowing him to
     experience the things closely rather than wasting time in frustration and irritation because of mess
      at that place.

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