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Attractions to explore in Charlotte..!!

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Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina and also third fastest growing major city in USA.
Home to the corporate headquarters of Bank Of America and Wells Fargo, it is also the second largest banking center in USA.

Charlotte is not a renowned tourist place but there are few attractions here which will make you

1. NASCAR hall of fame
     NASCAR is synonym to car racing in USA. There are over 1500 races held over 100 tracks in 39
     states of USA as well as Canada. It is the second most popular professional sports in USA after 
     National Football league. 
     NASCAR hall of fame is a 150,000 square foot entertainment attraction which exhibits the
     history and heritage of NASCAR. 
     It is home to lot of artifacts, interactive exhibits and a theater.

     The journey starts from Hard Card which is a card given to you to track your achievements and
     scores against other guests in different activities across the Hall of fame.
      Next you make your way to the High Octane Theater which displays complete journey of .
      Glory Road is your next pit stop which features 18 iconic cars telling the story of NASCAR.
      Race Week is where all the fun begins.
      You can get live racing experience by getting into the simulator arena.
      Here you actually sit in one of the sports car and compete with other guests in a race.
      Apart from this thrilling experience you also get other hands on experiences.
      Last segment is the Heritage Speedway which unveils more than 200 artifacts that walk you
      through NASCAR’s storied past decade by decade. I loved the trophies, they were beautiful.

2. Charlotte Douglas Airport Overlook
Here you can get a very close view of the planes getting on the runway and taking off the ground.
     I really loved capturing the breathtaking views, definitely worth a visit.

3. Carolina's Aviation Museum
We didn’t visit this place as we have already seen world famous aviation museum in Washington.

4. White water River Rafting
This is one thing which we wanted to do but unfortunately it was closed due to some maintenance

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